Monday, September 29, 2014


I think that the hardest virtue for a person to acquire is perseverance. Be that perseverance for an action, a belief, or a goal, the ability, or should I say, willpower to push through one thing that you had once set your heart on just always seem so precarious and unreliable to me. 

Shoes: Converse Skirt: American Apparel 

I'm not even talking about accomplishing some grandiose dream, but even just the simplest of things in my mind seem to be changing their levels of importance amongst themselves all the time. Like this blog for instance, I once had my heart set on keeping up a daily record of how I dress everyday. However, it didn't take long until I felt how uncomfortable I am talking about what I wear due to the overbearing superficialness I was feeling inside of me. And by this, I don't mean any offense to bloggers that dedicate solely to providing beauty and fashion knowledge to their audience. If anything, their confidence and passion, as well as the fact that they are able to get pass society's false perception towards the fashion industry's cosmetic quality and keep doing what they love are what I will forever admire. In retrospect, i think the reason why I had struggled with the upkeep of this blog is because I was unsure of what I want the content to gear towards. I mistaken my love for art and thirst for a creative outlet for a sheer interest in fashion. Sure, fashion is still a big part of what I attend to, but in philosophical terms, instead of a being a good in itself, it only serves as a means to my definition of good, which is creativity.

You're Probably thinking by now, "So what exactly am I getting at?" In all honesty, I'm not sure either, but I guess I'e just kept these thoughts to myself for too long that I desperately felt the need to get them out of my system.

Stanford Cantor Arts Museum

I do intend on regularly keeping this blog up now that I've established the grounds on which this blog will be built. That is, instead of being a merely sartorially-focused blog, it will dabble in all areas that I find interest in, from movies and music I enjoy down to random issues arouse in my life. i hope that I will find perseverance in this blog under a new light. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

California Chill

It has been raining quite a lot in California lately. While some people find rainy days depressing, I find it to be quite refreshing. The combination of rain and mud always have this ineffable effect on me, where I feel the perfect amount of nostalgia that grounds me to reality, but meanwhile puts a part of me into this ecstatic state of mind.

Turban: Urban Outfitters Coat: Urban Outfitters 

Equally therapeutic is the sound of rain (fun fact: the longer you listen to it, the louder it gets). In a sense, listening to the rain kind of reminds me of that one philosophy concept proposed by Douglas Hofstadter called the Strange Loop. The gist of this idea is that, contrary to a linear thought where a specific cause would lead to a corresponding result; a strange loop takes you on what seems like an upward journey until you realize you're back to where you started. This sort of a logical paradox can be seen in the forms of literature,or even sounds. A perfect example to illustrate this concept is the Shepard Tone, where the notes seemed to rise, yet they are not. A more in-depth article on this mind-boggling philosophical concept can be read on

Land End San Francisco

Monday, February 10, 2014

Perfect Imperfections

We are all somewhat romanticized in other people's eyes. I sometimes wonder why that is. Why is it that we cannot just reveal as openly our ugly or weird sides as we do our glamorous sides? At the end of the day, I believe we have only ourselves to blame for people's misconception towards us. "Nobody is perfect" is a saying that goes around way too often yet not enough for us to come to our senses that showing our flaws does not make us less of a person, on the contrary, it helps us embrace the beauty of existing as human beings with the imperfections marking each of our own uniqueness. 

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Dress: H&M Sandals: Asos

On a different note, I watched the movie Her yesterday, and I have to say it has been a while since a movie has had such an overwhelming effect on me. After watching it, i have to admit my conceptions of love and interaction have somewhat shifted. Love is built on the basis of interaction. and interaction between the minds require sincere communications, which in the age of digital technology proves to be even harder to achieve. Sometimes I wonder if all these technological devices and social medium are really helping us communicate or are they simply isolating us into these invisible cubicles built from htmls and cyber-programming.  

Denim Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Photo By: Yuki Huang